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Steve DiBenedetto - Drawings

October 8 - November 9, 2002

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 10, 6 - 8 pm



Derek Eller Gallery is pleased to present new work by Steve DiBenedetto.


For this exhibition Steve DiBenedetto continues to map out his own personal cosmology in densely packed yet explosive color pencil drawings. Exporing themes such as abduction, the paranormal, dimensional warpage, chromatic morphology, and the fantastic, he precisely renders  kaleidoscopic atomized landcapes that are simultaneously evocative of the ancient and the futuristic. Chaotic and maze-like, his formally complex pictures are tightly woven with circular pulsating patterns. Images of helicopters,octopuses, and ferris wheels collide and collapse in his fractured and psychedelic interior world.


octopuses, helicopters, and ferris wheels  - populate 

Chaotic And Precise


warped space - spacial collapse

formal complexity

personal language



circular pulsating patterns

interior world

chromatic morphology



collisions of reality

formal acuity / fo\rmally acute

rigorous / severe/ precise

psychedelic art / internal exploration

atomized field of information


Steve DiBenedetto’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and Europe. This will be his first exhibition with the gallery.



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