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Opening Reception: Thursday, July 12, 2018, 6-8pm


Derek Eller Gallery is pleased to present Heat Brain, the gallery’s 21st summer exhibition including recent work by Michael Berryhill, Nicole Cherubini, Steve DiBenedetto, David Dupuis, Jess Fuller, Henry Gunderson, Chip Hughes, Peter Linde Busk, John Newman, Michelle Segre, Nancy Shaver, and Alyson Shotz.


In these long midsummer days, our elevated body temperatures begin to have a physiological effect on our minds’ perception. In this exhibition, the viewers’ fevered confusion is complimented by works of varied processes and materials ranging from the glazed ceramics of Cherubini to dried, painted mushrooms of Segre. In the works by Fuller, Linde Busk and Shaver human forms collapse into puddles of melted figuration. Berryhill, Gunderson, and Dupuis present familiar images warped, disconnected and teetering on the line of abstraction while Hughes, Newman and Shotz conjure optical illusions like mirages across the hot asphalt of a highway stretching out into the distance.