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David Dupuis


October 14 - November 15, 2003

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 16, 6 - 8 pm



Derek Eller Gallery is pleased to present new work by David Dupuis.


David Dupuis’ recent small-scale paintings emphasize compression, urgency, immediacy, and intimacy. Focusing on moments when the inner world takes precedence over the world outside, his work captures the space between what is seen and what is felt.


His paintings are built with clashing shapes and colors, creating a pulsing infrastructure of marks that cause his imagery to slip in and out of recognition. He arranges eyeballs, waterfalls, flowers, and text against landscapes comprised of toxic blue crystals and lush seductive painterly passages. Severe hard-edged crosses, hands, and lightening bolts insert themselves into the pictures, setting up jarring juxtapositions that are open, adventurous, and provocative. These works seek a one on one conversation, to speak confidentially to the viewer.


The will also be a series of new drawings on view in the gallery’s north room.


David Dupuis’ work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and Europe. This will be his fourteenth solo exhibition. 



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