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Dan Torop

Estimated Landscapes

September 8 - October 8, 2005

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 8, 6 - 8 pm



Derek Eller Gallery is pleased to present Estimated Landscapes by Dan Torop.  


“The concept of the ‘estimated’ landscape derives from the quasi-scientific (optical/chemical/ electronic) nature of photography. There is something amusing, even mystifying, about being able to see an image of every blade of grass on a hillside. But we do not count the stars in the sky to feel a clear night's wonder. We cannot measure the sublime with a ruler, we must estimate. It is very important that the objects and places in the photographs be what they are, but also not be what they are.”


"Some mornings everything is a bit fuzzy. The world merges its layers and sight verges on tunnel vision. One only wants coffee. To sort through these impressions and return with a photograph -- a piece of clarity -- forms a great challenge."


- Dan Torop


This exhibition includes photographs of forests, mountains, trees by night, shorelines, and the figures that cross these landscapes. The images were made between 2003 and 2005 in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, New Brunswick, and Cape Breton.  


This will be Dan Torop’s fourth solo show in New York.